“Do you have a demo CD?”

Yes, but you can hear me sing via this website. listen now
(Please email for a ‘hard copy’ demo

“Can we watch your act on YouTube?”

Yes, via this site. watch now

“How long will you play?”

Up to a couple of hours or as required. I sometimes supplement the Neil Diamond tribute show with other live music i.e. swing, pop etc. Please visit
www.bobdrury.co.uk for details

“How much do you charge?”

Varies on location, timings, requirements, etc. Please contact me for a quotation bob@adiamondexperience.co.uk

“Are you free on… ?”

Please email, call or check my date-sheet at www.bobdrury.co.uk

“How much space do you need to set up?”

Can vary, please visit the ‘technical’ page on this site for more information. visit now

“There is no stage. Is this a problem?”

No, I often work in restaurants, hotels etc. where there is no stage.

“How far do you travel?”

To anywhere in the UK or abroad as required… Barbados would be nice!!

“Do you have your own equipment?”

My act is fully self contained, visit the ‘technical’ page on this site for more information. visit now

“Do you provide background music for your breaks?”

Yes, I always have background music compilation discs available.

“We need a disco as well, do you know of anyone?”

I can offer a lap-top based disco to complete an evening’s entertainment. I use professional DJ software called PCDJ and have up to a couple of thousand dance tracks on file.

“Do you have your own stage lighting?”

Yes, I have various options available depending on the gig and whether or not I’m doing a disco. See the ‘technical’ page on this site for details. visit now

“How do we confirm a booking?”

Via the ‘contacts’ page of this site. visit now

“Do you need a deposit?”

I normally take a £25.00 deposit on booking. See ‘contact’ page on this site. visit now

“We need a microphone for speeches, can you supply this?”

Yes, I can quote to provide radio microphones for speeches in the package.

“Is your equipment PAT tested?”

Yes, annually.

“Do you hold public liability insurance?”

Yes, via the Musician’s Union.

“Do you need somewhere to change?”

Yes please, as close to the stage area as possible.

“What sort of electrical power do you need?”

For safety reasons (i.e. a single ring main) the rig is normally powered via s single 13 amp socket.

“How long does it take for you to set up?”

From two to four hours depending on the gig.

“Can we see you perform before we confirm?”

Many of the gigs I do are private affairs: you can check my date-sheet for public gigs, Theatre performances etc. or simply go to my YouTube channel. visit now (I normally hold a provisional date for up to seven days.)

“Do you do requests?”

Yes, with notice please.

“Can we be sure you will turn up?

Your completed booking and deposit represent a contact between us. You can check my booked dates on-line to confirm that your event is in my schedule and that there is no ‘double booking’. It is always a good idea for us to talk a week or so before the event just to double check the details.

“Do you allow Karaoke on the night?”

Generally not. If you want a sing-a-long as part of the evening it would be best to book a Karaoke along with myself. My public liability insurance only covers my own use of the equipment on-stage.